Online Magic Lessons

Zoom Magic Lessons at DFW Kid’s Magic!

Who am I?

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Alan Paoletti. Before COVID-19 arrived in the United States, I performed professionally all over the country as a corporate magician and mentalist. Since February of 2020 the Event and Hospitality Industries have been completely ground to a halt while the US and the World deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic. I’m also a Husband and Father of Two.

Since I have been able to perform professionally in quite a long time and not again for the foreseeable future, I needed to examine how I was going to move my business forward.

I decided to look into my past and draw from my experience early in my career. I taught dozens of students privately in their homes, conducted Summer Camps and held magic lessons at Magic Shops for years before pursuing corporate events and trade shows.

Why Online Magic Lessons?

Online Magic Lessons are a great way to help your child learn a new skill

At DFWKids Magic we’re committed to keeping your family safe. I knew that whatever I created would have to be socially distanced or done completely remotely. I honestly didn’t know if magic lessons could be taught over the internet but after rigorous testing with beta programs and a lot of revisions, I have created a world class private online instruction course for children.

What advantages do Online Magic Lessons have over other types of extracurricular activities?

With other activities like sports, tumbling, junior leagues, gymnastics, karate and music lessons, why would I choose magic for my child? It’s an excellent question, let’s break it down:

With physical activities, a large space in which to practice, you may just not have the space in your home to accommodate activities like sports or gymnastics, magic doesn’t require that kind of space.

Magic lessons also have strong advantages over music lessons because there is no expensive instrument to rent or buy, all of the lessons in my course require normal household items that you probably already have, and if you don’t can be acquired easily and very inexpensively.

Magic is much quieter to practice than an instrument, in a world where most of us are working from home, having an hour a day where your child is engaged and learning *quietly* has obvious advantages.

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